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Neoliberal understandings of society and social policy – some tensions with LPP

Caint a thug Ben Ó Ceallaigh, rúnaí Misneach, in OÉ Gaillimh in Aibreán 2018

A talk given by Ben Ó Ceallaigh, Misneach Secretary, in NUI Galway in April 2018

I’ve given lots of talks based on my PhD where I talk about deindustrialisation, employment, emigration and so on, so instead of that today I want to give a slightly different talk and discuss some points that I’ve been thinking about but haven’t had the chance to present yet.

So, it might be a bit rough and ready but I’ll give it a go and will be looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the matter afterwards.

As many of you know it’s extremely commonplace in literature on language loss and revival to see “economic forces” listed as a key causal factor driving language shift. Read More